Machine builders have found the IXON VPN-router to be very useful in connecting and managing the machines installed at client side. IXON has extended this functionality with the IXON-cloud.
The IXON-cloud receives data which is written by the machines to the IXON-router.

Visualizing machinedata with IXON and Power BI

In this way machine builders are generating valuable data which can be used to answer questions like:

• How are my machines performing?
• What is result of the latest software update?
• Which bugs are happening?
• Why is this machine not performing like the others?
• How are  these customer machines performing compared to other customers (benchmarking)
• What advise should we give to this customer?
• How can we return value to our customers with the machine data?

Procesmatch is specialized in Power BI and developed a script to get the data out of the IXON-cloud into Power BI. We have created dashboards for:

• Machine builders:
- Development
- Customer support
- Sales
- Management
• Customers of machine builders:
- Technical service
- Operators
- Quality control
- Management

The main goal of Procesmatch is to valuerize your data.

More information:

See article on website IXON
• Request a quotation to start with IXON and Power BI

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